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Is it possible to customize your character's appearance? Also, does the term "his equipment" mean there's no female character option

esta na versao mais recente ?


Can't download a update. Try to repeat attempt later. 

Message: error in the remote server: (404)  was not found.


Response: Not found

How to fix? When i start the launcher or the thing to download the game it shows that. And the Download never starts.

looks like pritypat

just the same error everybody gets, why? why arent you fixing it?

Error: spawn EACCES

Is it playable yet? I keep getting "Error: spawn EACCES"

I realy wanted to play when i read the game des. but it keeps crashing everytime i try to play plz help!

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I REALLY wanted to play this game since it looks like you did some cool stuff with RFPS but everything is in Russian  (I think), I didn't know which was the Start button :)

BTW - putting out a Mac version is REALLY easy with Unity 2017.3


The game has translation in English. Only first step in launcher in Russian: you need to click the button "Играть" which means "Play"
i think we make the translation of this step into English in the next update.

Will there be Mac and Linux versions?

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It says there's an Error while launching it :(

We identified the problem - in a couple of days there will be a fix

Glad to hear :)

its still broken :(